Clerks Help College Students Prepare for a Career

Two Clerks of the Circuit Court, Paul Ferguson (Arlington County) and Gary Clemens (Loudoun County) recently participated in a program conducted by the James Madison Political Science Alumni Board to assist political science students at JMU with preparing for careers.   Ferguson and Clemens served on a mock interview panel and asked students a series of job –related questions to help prepare the graduating seniors for real job interviews after graduation.   At the conclusion of each mock interview, they provided constructive feedback and advce on how to handle questions and certain aspects of the interview process.  Additionally, they offered suggestions on the best approaches to prepare for job interviews, citing real-life job interviews they have conducted in their respective offices.   Both Ferguson and Clemens are alumni of James Madison University and were happy to assist these college students for the job interview process.

“It was a pleasure to participate and visit my old school in Harrisonburg.  I was amazed with the change and progress at JMU since I graduated,” stated Ferguson while visiting the JMU campus.   “When I attended JMU, the entire campus was located on the West side of I-81 and now the campus is located on both sides of I-81.”    Both Ferguson and Clemens were impressed with the students who participated in the mock interview program.   “I wish I had a job opening for some of these students as they are very impressive,” said Ferguson.    “I have faith in our future generation of business and government leaders as these individuals we interviewed are highly intelligent, compassionate, community-minded and highly ethical,” stated Clemens.

During their visit to Harrisonburg to assist with the mock interview program at JMU, Ferguson and Clemens took the opportunity to connect with fellow clerk of the circuit court, Chaz Haywood, who is the clerk in Rockingham County/City of Harrisonburg.   Haywood has developed a successful internship program in his office for JMU students and provides a good learning experience for these college students at no costs to the local taxpayers.   “They are volunteers so we get the benefit of their exceptional talent and in return these students learn real on-the-job skills that will help them after graduating from college,” stated Haywood.